Website+Email Hosting

Website Hosting
If a customer cannot reach your Website, they will become unhappy and a competitor with a faster, better performing website is likely to take away your business.
YouGrow can help ensure this never happens.  We use highly reliable and secure hosts located in a dedicated server center. Our Server Centre has fast, redundant Internet connections.
Email Hosting
We take your email seriously, so should you.  Say NO to lost Emails or delays in sending and receiving messages!
When you host with YouGrow we provide you with WebMail for all your accounts, each with a minimum 50MB of storage space, plus your own Web-based Email administration in order to update passwords, set-up vacation messages and create new Email accounts. Download to Outlook or other POP based email systems, we can even give you your own SMTP server to send e-mail from.
Reliability, security and speed are vital when it comes to corporate Websites and Email.
YouGrow provides professional corporate hosting solutions for corporate Websites and Email systems which will ensure practically zero downtime for your business.  Protect your investment in two of today’s most fundamental business tools with YouGrow Website and Email Hosting.
All our servers are based in a dedicated Data Center with access control, climate control and backup power.
YouGrow’s Web Hosting services include:
·    Powerful Web-based tools and applications.
·    Employee and customer access to on-line materials.
·    On-demand technical support.
·    Hosting by a Hong Kong-based operations centre.
·    Reliability, security, speed and peace of mind.