Newsletter Marketing

The way newsletters are created and distributed has completely changed and Yougrow is at the cutting edge of the latest electronic newsletter technology. While your company may already send out eNewsletters in large files such as PDFs or small plain text files, Yougrow has proven solutions which make it easier to create, distribute and also get valuable feedback – including who read them and which links they visited. This will help improve future editions and direct specific company information and marketing towards interested recipients.
Making your eNewsletter
This process is extremely simple, with a wide range of design options when it comes to adding your images and logos. Text can be quickly added using cut/paste. Corporate Website and e-mail links can be included, which will help drive Website traffic and improve communication with your clients. Yougrow's very flexible templates are attractive, consistent and can be personalised for each recipient, occasion or product/service. By centralising the information in a database, eNewsletters are easy to manage and an excellent way to keep everyone up-to-date.
Readership Analysis and Tracking
One of the best features you’ll enjoy with Yougrow’s eNewsletter service is the ability to track who opens the eNewsletter, which articles they read, most-popular links, and so on. This allows you to target future eNewsletters to recipients who will be genuinely interested in your updates, or specific products/services, according to what they clicked on while reading your eNewsletter. These statistics can be exported to programs such as Excel for research purposes.
Sending eNewsletters
Most e-mail programs place restrictions on high-volume distribution and each message cannot be personalised for the recipient. However, Yougrow’s eNewsletterService accommodates huge mailing lists which can be personalised so there’s no need to Bcc any contacts in your group. As well, various groups can be created (VIP,New Client, Current Client, Internal) or imported from existing programs (Excel) via CSV with a single click to create a mailing list of a few recipients or more than 50,000.Yougrow distributes eNewsletters one at time to get around spam detectors.
Yougrow can host your eNewsletter data on secure and reliable servers – thus protecting your clients’ e-mail details – or your company can use its own servers.
Cost Savings
Companies already using Yougrow’s eNewsletter service have reported that their costs and turnaround times are reduced by not having to use design or printingcompanies. The delivery of eNewsletters requires no postage or other shipping costs. Also, because the eNewsletter database uses PHP and MySQL, which areconsidered open source software or shareware, the cost of using or licensing the software is much less than other commercial applications.
Flexible pricing
Because the number of eNewsletters and the sending frequency can vary, Yougrow offers a variety of flexible plans to suit your company’s needs.